Book of Mormon Archeology

This power point is made to supplement the pamphlet “Excavating the Book of Mormon”.

Maps are shown for current hypotheses on probable Book of Mormon archeological evidence and explanations are given as to why they are wrong.

Maps and photos for our hypothesis are then shown along with pictures of each corresponding site.

The Scripture Timeline is Accurate

Internal Model of the Book of Mormon
From the Book of Mormon CES institute manual

This internal model of Book of Mormon geography made by _______ shows the required aspects of any attempted Book of Mormon / Archeology correlation– in order for it to be internally consistent with the information given.

-A narrow neck of land must be north of the land of Zarahemla.

-The river Sidon must flow northward from

Major Mesoamerican Cultures

Sorensen’s guess……

Putting the Book of Mormon in a Corner

The Cradle of Civilization is Post Flood

The Jaredites