Archeology Papers & Research
These papers show correlations between archeological findings and the scriptures. Most of them focus on correlating the Book of Mormon with MesoAmerican Archeology.

Book of Mormon Archeology Pamphlet
A pamphlet summarizing the info in the paper below
Brief general overview in pamphlet form of Thomas' Book of Mormon research. Gives a short synopsis of where main Book of Mormon cities are in Meso-America and to which archeological cultures they correspond. Also gives a table showing carbon date correlations to real (scriptural) dates.
Book of Mormon Stories Unearthed
Thomas' main archeology correlation paper
A 35 page paper summarizing Thomas' Book of Mormon research. Shows that the things that were keeping scholars from finding the quite obvious truth was their unquestioning acceptance of carbon dates (in reality they are skewed), and the fact that the "narrow neck of land" was elevated by the destructions at the Time of Christ.
Introduction to Radiometric Dating
Extract from Book of Mormon Stories Unearthed on scientific methods of dating.
Scientific vs. Scriptural Timeline
Side by Side Comparison
Find out just how compatible scientific and scriptural history timelines are. This table juxtaposes events mentioned in scripture such as the use of iron, bows, and musical instruments to the dates given for these events in archeology.
Archeology and Our Religion
An essay from Hugh Nibley's book, Old Testament and Related Studies
Archeology Presentation
Supplement to Archeology pamphlet (Still being constructed)
Book of Mormon Geography Scriptures
Complete list of scripture references to geography of the Book of Mormon
This is a complete list of all known references to the geography of the Book of Mormon lands. Each scripture reference has been linked to for easy access.
Human Evolution Database
Database cataloging fossils used in favor of human evolution
This page is the beginnings of a database that will make available information on each fossilized skeleton that is said to be a link in the evolution of humans. When the evidence is made more available then people will be able to make their own informed conclusions.
Joseph Smith quotes on Book of Mormon Geography
Paper presenting what Joseph Smith has said about the geography of the Book of Mormon.
Despite some attempts to discredit the Prophet's reliability on this matter, when taken as a whole, the descriptions he gives of Book of Mormon locations are very consistant. Many BYU scholars try show that Joseph tried to learn the geography as time progressed. This paper shows otherwise, suggesting he was taught by revelation on the matter.