Community Beautification

Our hope is to create a system that will enable people to come together, to beautify and strengthen the community. The WRI is developing tools to help people in the St. George and Washington County area learn about and share ideas on how to improve their neighborhood while helping those around them. Another part of the project is connecting people with different backgrounds and skills. Where one person might have the skills and tools to paint homes, another might have time and money to help where needed. Both these people could work together to help beautify their neighborhood.

Another goal is to empower the community, with the assistance of civic council, to improve their environment and have a greater say in what happens in their neighborhoods. A community of neighbors and friends who are civically minded can work together to influence the local government. We want to create a place where ideas about beautifying your area transfers into a workforce actively planting trees, building parks and genuinely caring about each other and their community.

If you have more ideas on Community Beautification please feel free to contact us.
To learn more about the work being done or ways that you can contribute, click here.