Cultural Arts in the Community

The LDS First Presidency stated this counsel:
"Through music, man's ability to express himself extends beyond the limits of the spoken language in both subtlety and power."

Because sacred music opens our hearts to the influence of the Holy Ghost, it is one of the means by which our Father in Heaven can bless and strengthen us. Our goal is to help lift up one another at the local level through neighborhood cultural community arts.

The Cultural Arts in the Community project isn't to gain money or recognition, it isn't to create theaters with paid professionals. It's to distinguish between huge organizations where no one knows the people performing, to one where the community is involved in the whole process. One of the goals is to bring family, friends and neighbors together to put on small local events, where everyone knows each other and everyone takes turns being in the production. One month your family may be in a play embarrassing themselves, but having fun together and the next month they're watching a concert where the stars performing are friends and neighbors.

The project would also consist of resources designed at learning and understanding the arts. By taking people with God given abilities and the desire to teach others and combining them with people who would like to practice and learn to play a musical instrument. A calendar would give information on when and how to participate in local events. Through the Community Cultural Arts program we can come together as a community of people and strive to get closer to God by practicing his council to love one another.

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