Doctrinal Scripture Research
This section contains papers and research on various doctrinal topics such as prophesy, city building, historical symbolism, and the scriptural timeline.

Bible Chronology Chart
Many people do not believe the internal timeline given in the Bible simply because they have never studied it. They do not understand that the Bible gives hundreds of internally consistent dates from which a fairly reliable timeline can be constructed—just like The Book of Mormon.
Biblical Genealogy Table
This comprehensive pedigree chart gives further validity to the chronology given above. Correlations of genealogies from The Book of Mormon with those of the Bible show that the Bible chronology is indeed quite accurate, and that those who have tried to defame it by using conflicting timelines from Menetho, the Septuagint, Josephus, or Carbon dates are in error (see also D&C 77:6-7).
The Book of Revelation Sequentially
Revelation placed in sequential table format
Here the prophetic aspects of the Book of Revelation are put in a sequential "table" format that is much easier to read and understand than the traditional scriptural format. The table format places relevant cross references and symbol interpretations in line with the text for easy reading and access.
The Book of Daniel Sequentially
Daniel placed in sequential table format
In this paper the prophetic aspects of the book of Daniel are placed in the same format as the Revelation paper above. No study of the book of Revelation is complete without first studying the Books of Daniel and Nephi since John's revelation is really a continuation of Daniel's and Nephi's.
Historical Symbolism
These pages (which are not yet done) show how God has set up the history of this earth to follow patterns. The D&C tells us that God has given us a pattern in all things that we would not be deceived. These charts show how literal this scripture is. They show how the earth has been baptized by water, blood, and spirit just as we must. Also how Israel's history repeated from 2000 BC to Christ. The 700 & 1000 year dispensation cycles are shown along with their correlating prophets and destruction events.
Patriarch Lifespan Chart
This is a chart showing the pattern involved in the lifespans of the antediluvian patriarchs. The gradual decrease in lifespans after The Flood seems to suggest that environmental controls were likely the reason for lifespans changing from over 900 years to current figures.
Building Zion
The Latter-day Saint Legacy of Urban Planning
Essay by Craig D. Galli originally published BYU Studies Vol. 44 No. 1 pages 111-136