Families and Natural Sciences

Being around nature has a tendency to help us remember God and bring us closer to him.

The Families & Natural Sciences program is aimed at creating a database full of maps, local trails, campgrounds and wilderness areas with local geology, flora and fauna. Families will then have online access to help find great places to experience and enjoy their community. Our local area has some of the most magnificent creations that can be found anywhere on earth. People come from all over the world to vacation right here in our backyard

The cities trail system and local, national and state parks will be included as well as thousands of other trails and back roads. Emphasis would be on non-motorized recreation. Many trails will include pictures of the geology, flora, and fauna that can be found along the trail and with instructions on how to recognize them.

Along the same theme as the other projects and programs being developed, the Families & Natural Sciences project gives access to the resources and tools online. Families will be able to search for family, friends and neighbors who share their love of the outdoors. You can also search the database for activities and events in your area.

To learn more about the work being done or ways that you can contribute, click here.