Family & Community History

Learning history lets you build upon past accomplishments while avoiding past mistakes.

Family History
The family history program that is being developed will use your own family history to help you organize it in a way that is easy to display and understand, while making it fun and interesting for the whole family to enjoy and take part in. Your children will gain love and understanding when learning about their family. Studying family history together will bring your family closer.

Community History
Our goal is to create a central site where you can go to learn, organize and enjoy the rich local history. Community history is important to know and understand. You gain a feeling of belonging when learning about the incredible people and of their hard work and determination, overcoming hardships, to settle this area. Remembering our heritage helps us appreciate who we are and where we have come from.

Eventually the local history data base would grow to include public records, existing local histories, family journals, submissions by long time residents and other records of individuals, making these records available to the local community.

Other aspects of the Family & Community History programs under development:

  • Tools that can be used to link a family's history with community history.
  • Applications that will help make history and geneology more visual and easier to understand.
  • Software that will help locate others in your community and neighborhood with the same goals, loves and passion.

With a sense of the past, we want to ensure a better future for our posterity.

To learn more about the work being done or ways that you can contribute, click here.