Gardening & Health

Families who work together in a garden build family unity because they share a common purpose.

God teaches that the good things of the earth "are made for the benefit and the use of man" (D&C 59:18-20).

The Rewards of Home Gardening:

    Family Unity
    Appreciation of Work
    Instruction and Pleasure
    Reduced Expenses

A natural benefit of gardening is good health. The Lord loves us and wants us to be healthy. Growing and eating our own fresh vegetables and fruits will help us maintain good health. Vine ripened fruits and vegetables we get from our garden are fresher and better tasting than the food we buy. Often food from the grocery store has been picked before it was ripe or ready to eat. That way it won't go rotten as it sits in crates, makes it's way through shipping and waits on the shelf until we buy it. What that does is robs the food of vitamins and nutrients that are vital for our body's needs.

Part of the Gardening and Health project is to build tools that will unite those around you, a place to discuss new ideas on gardening and health. It would have information on good health, incorporating recipes using the fruit and vegetables picked from your garden. It will also include a collection of information on health issues, such as proven techniques on allergies to certain foods and what solutions are working for others. It will have a community of neighbors helping each other through gardening and health but with a local neighborhood emphasis.

The Gardening & Health database will hold information on a local area. Tips on plants that grow well in your area, the best time of year to plant and with tips on the best soil additives. Having the right soil for your garden is important. If it is too sandy, it cannot hold water. If it is too full of clay, the water puddles on top and penetrates slowly. These and other problems may have already been solved by your neighbor. Getting together with them will save you time and resources and in the process become closer and gain a love for one another.

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