Geologic Evidence for the Scriptures

Scientists have found the geologic evidence for scriptural events such as Noah’s Flood and the Fall of Adam—and they don’t even know it.

“…and that God hath set his hand and seal to change the times and seasons, and to blind their minds, that they may not understand his marvelous workings; that he may prove them also and take them in their own craftiness . . ." (D & C 121:12)

The truth concerning a correlation between geological evidence and what the scriptures say about the age of the earth has alluded scientists for many, many years. Biblical stories such as Noah's Flood and the fall of Adam find little support among main stream scientists. In one camp you have evangelical christians and other "creationists" who for the most part believe that the majority of the earth's strata and physiographic features were created during the Biblical Nochean flood. On the other hand you have "uniformitarianists" who do not believe the scriptures to be literal and believe that the earth's strata has been deposited and eroded over a period of billions of years.

In our research we have found a way to correlate established scientific research with the scriptures without compromising the truth of either. We believe that life began on the earth around 6,000 years ago at the fall of Adam and that Noah's Flood killed nearly all life on earth (exept that in the arc & oceans), and yet at the same time we believe that "mainstream science" has figured out the history of the earth almost exactly with only three main exeptions. Those execptions are macro evolution, the rates at which geologic change has taken place, and the driving mechanism for Plate Tectonics. We believe that evolution has taken place to a large extent among the species but not on higher levels such as classes. We believe that although all domestic and wild feline-like animals evolved from a single cat-like animal on the arc, whales did not evolve from the dog-like Mesonychids and man did not evolve from single celled organisms. Plate tectonic movements at the times of Enoch, Noah, Peleg, Abraham, Moses, Joshua and Isaiah have caused radiometric-dating methods to give skewed results. (See Introduction to Radiometric Dating in the "Extract from Book of Mormon Stories Unearthed" paper for further information on Radiometric Dating.

Animal species found in the earth’s fossil record truly do show a gradual increase in relative complexity through time. Certain fish and other complex marine organisms appear first, in the oldest strata (Cambrian-Devonian/ 454-300 Ma), followed by reptiles and amphibians (Silurian-Jurassic/ 300-125 Ma), large reptiles and small mammals (Jur- Cret.) and finally larger mammals with man. Because of lack of belief in scriptural catastrophes, early scientists such as Charles Lyell and Darwin theorized that this apparent increasing complexity of fossils through time was a result of species evolving from lower forms of life to those of greater complexity. In truth, the “mirage of evolution” seen in the fossil record is actually a representation of differing reproduction rates.

The fall of Adam
As the scriptures teach (D&C 77:6,12) death and temporal existence began on earth with the fall of Adam. With the introduction of death to the world both plants and animals began to slowly spread out from the Garden of Eden to fill the earth. As would be expected animals with the quickest reproduction rates were the first to both fill the earth and become preserved in the fossil record. Thus the Fall of Adam is represented rather conspicuously in the fossil record by the sudden appearance of nearly every major phylum living on earth today. This event has been called the Cambrian Explosion by scientists. From that point in the fossil record, marine life, reptiles and smaller animals begin to show up first because they reproduced the quickest, whereas, seemingly more complex and larger fossils began to appear later- simply because these animals had less offspring and consequently multiplied much slower. Lastly to appear in the fossil record were large mammals and finally mankind.

Noah’s Flood
Evidence for Noah’s Flood has eluded scientists and enquirers for thousands of years. In our day, this has been primarily because “creationists” have ignored the many truths of the theory of uniformitarianism trying to suggest that most of the earth’s present strata was deposited during the biblical flood. The truth is that the flood did relatively little erosion or sedimentation. (Although effects associated with the draining of overcharged groundwater systems drastically increased sedimentation rates for hundreds of years afterwards). As would be expected, however, the flood did leave its print in the fossil record. As the scriptures state “all that was on dry land died,” causing the largest extinction in earth’s history. Geologists are well acquainted with this extinction, but erroneously date it to 245 million years ago. It is called the “The Great Permian Extinction,” and killed off 90% of all life on earth. Associated with this extinction, scientist have also found evidence for the fastest marine transgression in history, global sea anoxia, global climate shifts, a sudden surge of organic material to coastal areas, a fungi spike, and eruption of the worlds largest flood basalts.

The Days of Peleg
The scriptures state that the continents began to separate shortly after the flood, in the days of Peleg (Gen. 10:25). This fact is further vindicated by D&C 133:22-24 where we are also told that the continents will reunite at the second coming and the earth will be “like as it was in the days before it was divided.” Geologists have correspondingly found that the continents did indeed begin to divide shortly after the “Great Permian Extinction” (Noah’s Flood). However, because of the errors of radiometric dates, scientist erroneously believe this division occurred over millions of years as a result of slow moving convection currents in the earths interior. Yet, to the contrary, the scriptures prove that the division of the continents has occurred entirely within the last 4000 years as a result of several major global catastrophes which have caused the entire earth to “reel to and fro as a drunken man” causing changes in the earth’s rotation sufficient enough to move entire continents over the earths plastic interior.