Secular Geology

In order to truly learn how current scientific findings correlate with the scriptures, one must truly learn and understand the evidence that scientist have found. It is to this end that we suggest that you explore the following sections of the site '' and take advantage of the learning resources found there.

Stratigraphic Columns

Much like those found many geologic guide books, this section has/will have stratigraphic columns from all over the state of Utah and Colorado Plateau. The columns will be dynamically created from a MySQL database allowing us to use the stratigraphic information to create other dynamic online resources such as isopach/layer thickness maps, statewide formation maps and formation name correlation charts.
Geologic Formations

This section contains informative pages on each of the individual geologic formations of Utah and Colorado Plateau. The formation description pages are also linked to the image gallery, so users can see pictures of each formation and their changes in facies.
Aerial Photographs

This section contains/will contain aerial photos of the state and the Colorado Plateau, each with all geologic formations annotated or labeled for easy identification.
Geologic Road Guide

This section contains detailed road guides for the state much like the popular "Roadside Geology" books. However, in the future these road guides will be able to have many more pictures and interactive elements than similar printed literature and will be fully integrated with the image gallery.
Geologic Hazards

This section contains informative presentations on Utah's geologic hazards. The information will be geared toward educating the public on hazards that can affect property and life. The pages will be mostly be pictures & short excerpts illustrating hazards of which potential home-owners, developers, and land buyers should be aware.
Colorado Plateau Paleogeography

This section is/will be similar to the work that Ron Blakey is doing at Northern Arizona State University. It will contain recreated paleogeography for Utah and the Colorado Plateau.